Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus, 2021

Agriculture of the Republic of Belarus, 2021

Document type: Statistical data books

Registration No.: 06/492-р

Registration date: 6 August 2021

Organization: National statistical committe of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat)

Periodicity: Annual

Language: Russian, English


(178 pages)

The data in the book is provided in time series characterizing the situation in the agriculture of the country, its material and technical base.

The book includes data on the volumes of agricultural production, structure of the production of basic agricultural products, per capita agricultural production.

This publication contains information on the agricultural area and its structure by types of farms; areas under crops, gross harvest, yield capacity of crops and perennial plantings. Presented are data on the number of livestock and poultry, production of basic animal husbandry products.

Presented are data on the production of basic products of food industry, external trade in goods, consumption of basic food products, financial results of organisations.

Data are provided for the country as a whole, by regions, districts and by types of farms. The book contains short methodological notes for the selected statistical indicators.

Published in Russian and English.

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