Foreign Trade of the Republic of Belarus, 2021

Foreign Trade of the Republic of Belarus, 2021

Document type: Statistical data books

Registration No.: 08/609-р

Registration date: 20.09.2021

Organization: National statistical committee of the Republic of Belarus (Belstat)

Periodicity: Annual

Language: Russian, English


(204 pages)

The data book presents statistics describing the results of the external economic transactions of the Republic of Belarus as reflected in the Balance of Payments as well as the foreign trade in goods and services of the Republic of Belarus in time series.

Provided are the main items of the Balance of Payments of the Republic of Belarus. The information on the exports and imports is broken down by countries, including the regions of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, and country groupings. The commodity structure of exports and imports is presented by sections and groupings of the Commodity Nomenclature of External Economic Activity of the Eurasian Economic Union, by sections and divisions of the Standard International Trade Classification, and by broader commodity groups (investment, intermediate and consumer goods). Published are unit value indices and volume indices of exports and imports of goods as well as the data on exports and imports of selected exported and imported goods. Provided are data on foreign trade by enterprise characteristics.

The data are presented in time series. The data book is furnished with detailed methodological notes, charts and diagrams.

Published in Russian and English.

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